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Show Em Who Got The Money

from A Deeper Depth of Shallow by The Something Experience



This is what it sounds like when the Federal Reserve takes it to the streets!!


Show ‘em who got the money! Show ‘em who got the money! If money talks, baby, mine’s like a sermon Preachin’ ‘bout spending every penny I been earning I got every dollar, got every red cent My pocket’s so full that my back’s done bent From my ching, ching, ching And my bling, bling, bling And the clack, clack, clack From my platinum ring I emeralds, and rubies, and diamonds galore Got a hundred bucks for each grain of sand on the shore I get richer and richer while the poor get poorer ‘Cause the cash is all flowin’ towards my front door It’s flowing like water, and I’m just swimming In my money, money pool, and that’s just the beginning I got eight Rolls Royce, got a gold toilet Got Bill Gates bringing me my pizza for tips You know I ain’t braggin’, but I’m rich as hell Burn a million dollar bill ‘cause I like the smell Show ‘em who got the money I got the money (how much money) All da damn money (that’s a lot of money) Got so much money, don’t know what to do But don’t think that I’m gonna share any with you Just drag your poor ass back across the tracks Don’t put your little fingers on my big, fat stash Ain’t even sure how much dough I got around ‘Cause I store it in a crate and I count it by the pound Yeah, I love the money, wanna show the money Eat the money, drink the money Drive the money, smoke the money Throw the money, hump the money I’m gonna fuck the money Fuck the money Fuck the money I make a moneyman out of money flakes Pour money syrup over money pancakes If you got some money, you better hold it tight ‘Cause I’m coming to your hood, and I’m coming tonight I’m gonna take your money, steal your money Grab your money, ‘cause I feel your money Don’t call me greedy just because you’re needy.


from A Deeper Depth of Shallow, released July 4, 2009


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The Something Experience San Francisco

humanity and machine. we like to party.
HIGH COMMANDER- leader of Party
THE SPARKLE GIRLS: Helga, Fista, und Sphinkta
DJ 98 BLITZ- vocals, whisky
GRETTA VAGIN- vocals, sex
SRI SWAMI DEEPKOK CHOKYA - guru, special weaponry
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