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A Deeper Depth of Shallow

by The Something Experience

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High Command Orders You To Dance!
I like German Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Sparkle Party I like German Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Very German Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Sparkle Party German German Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Do you like to Party Party? Yes I like to Party Party Do you like to Dancy Dance? Yes I wore my party Pants. I like German Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Very Hard core German Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Sparkle Party German German Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Hard Core Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Sparkle Party Yes I wore my rubber boots, Yes I wore my rubber boots, Rubber boots to dancy dance, Rubber boots and party pants!! HAHHAHAHAHA!!! Party pants party pants Sparkle party sparkle party … feels good to dance, feels good to dance very nice to dance, hard-core dance hard-core dance hard-core dance etc..
Lipstick, short skirt, where’d you come from, baby Ain’t never seen nobody like you ‘round here in this club So, how ‘bout me and you get on the floor and start to move Just slide it up on me, no need to cover it up I bet that you never tire, so hot, you could melt fire I’d like to see you do more than dance with those legs It’s time, let’s go, get in the flow, give me a show, don’t you know That we got a DJ that spins gold from wax by the stacks Doesn’t really matter what you say Gotta keep dancing, keeping you at bay Only one game that I want to play And it ain’t you, boy All I want is the DJ, DJ, DJ Play the beat ‘til you make me cum DJ, DJ, DJ, gotta get me, gotta get me some But look at me, I got money, no kids, friends say I’m funny You know you want me, you ain’t got to be so shy I’m good looking, I drive a nice car, all my friends say that I’m gonna go far Give me a chance, girl, you won’t be sorry you did (Chorus) I love myself some DJ, he’s the only one And I’ll get myself some DJ before the night is done (Chorus) Hey, DJ, I want to blow you Away With my funky dance moves.
Boys nite in, Boys nite in I died and gone to heaven, it’s a Boys nite in! I used to be a sad boy, I’d sit alone and cry. Now I am a bad boy, und I party all the time. I like to disco dancing, to move across the floor. And though I love it so much, there’s one thing I love more! I call up all the fellas, cause it’s a Friday night, And when they come on over, I pack them in real tight. We cram into my front room, until we cannot move, And when the party starties, we get into the groove! There’s boys on dining table, und in the kitchen sink, And everybody’s laughing, and drinking drinky drink! We don’t need to go out, to hear those records spin, We just come together for a Boys Nite in! (Chorus) I feel so gay and joyful, you can see it on my face. ‘Cause all the boys are coming… over to my place! And when they’re all inside, from ear to ear my grin. Nothing can be better than a BOYS NITE IN!! (Chorus)
Dry Hump on the Dance Floor Dry Hump on the Dance Floor Standin’ here and shakin’ my rump, I’m just waitin’ for your dry hump, yea Gonna drop it like a bomb on Vietnam Crotch to crotch action from dusk to dawn. Take a little ride on my knee, baby knee. Move it to the side, up and down on me. Lift that skirt wanna see, maybe see, What you’re giving out for free baby free. I like it like that, I like it like that, Sure as hell do, I like it like that. Lookin’ so sexy shakin’ that rump, Grind on my dick, get you in dry hump. Dry Hump on the Dance Floor Ain’t nothin’ better between your thighs Than my meat stick covered in blue Levi’s We can do it at home, we can do it at prom, We can do it right here with our clothes all on. We can get all sweaty, sweaty sweaty sweaty. So we’re good and ready, ready ready ready. What’s your name, Veronica or Betty? Don’t matter long as your hard and steady. Back it up on me, Gonna dump my load, Dump my load, dump my load. Gonna fuck that ass right through your pants. Through your pants, through your pants. Ass to crotch, ass to crotch. Dry hump on the dance floor. Ass to crotch, ass to crotch. Dry hump on the dance floor.
Girl You the shit, the shit, the shit, girl you the shit. Girl, I love the way that you move me And all them funky things that you do to me And I got to say girl, that you really got it goin’ on. ‘Cause when I get home. cold and hungry You take off my coat, and kiss and hug me. And then you fill my glass while you sing me my favorite song… and girl that’s why I think… (Chorus) You cook me corn bread in the winter And you look good in a skirt all summer And in the springtime baby, baby, you always look brand new. you know you do, you do. And this whole world can get me down sometimes But girl you always get me up And when you do you never, you never, never let me fall… girl you got it all. and you’re. the shit (Chorus) And when you put on that sexy lingerie and you let down your hair, With the smell of baby oil, and bubble bath is in the air. The way you take me for a ride, Your cruise control, you’re overdrive, Your perfect curves, the way you handle Goin’ full speed by the light of a candle (Chorus) You know, with you’re pretty legs and you’re juicy boobs, I love your smile and your big toe too. I love your laugh and the way you touch your toes When you’re doing that yoga pose. I love the way you talk too much when you drink too much wine, I love the way you call my name when I’m rockin’ your big behind.
Show ‘em who got the money! Show ‘em who got the money! If money talks, baby, mine’s like a sermon Preachin’ ‘bout spending every penny I been earning I got every dollar, got every red cent My pocket’s so full that my back’s done bent From my ching, ching, ching And my bling, bling, bling And the clack, clack, clack From my platinum ring I emeralds, and rubies, and diamonds galore Got a hundred bucks for each grain of sand on the shore I get richer and richer while the poor get poorer ‘Cause the cash is all flowin’ towards my front door It’s flowing like water, and I’m just swimming In my money, money pool, and that’s just the beginning I got eight Rolls Royce, got a gold toilet Got Bill Gates bringing me my pizza for tips You know I ain’t braggin’, but I’m rich as hell Burn a million dollar bill ‘cause I like the smell Show ‘em who got the money I got the money (how much money) All da damn money (that’s a lot of money) Got so much money, don’t know what to do But don’t think that I’m gonna share any with you Just drag your poor ass back across the tracks Don’t put your little fingers on my big, fat stash Ain’t even sure how much dough I got around ‘Cause I store it in a crate and I count it by the pound Yeah, I love the money, wanna show the money Eat the money, drink the money Drive the money, smoke the money Throw the money, hump the money I’m gonna fuck the money Fuck the money Fuck the money I make a moneyman out of money flakes Pour money syrup over money pancakes If you got some money, you better hold it tight ‘Cause I’m coming to your hood, and I’m coming tonight I’m gonna take your money, steal your money Grab your money, ‘cause I feel your money Don’t call me greedy just because you’re needy.
Smokin' 03:27
Smokin’, Smokin Weed. Smokin that weed yo.. Smokin’, Smokin Weed. Got a mason jar filled to the top, Been trimmin’ all night, never gonna stop. Gotta make that cash, gotta fill my stash, Gotta make it all winter so its gotta last. We’re in the Bay yo, and I’m hella high. Fog’s rollin’ in, and I’m in the sky. I’m flying.. Girl, you like my style? I don’t think so, but in a while I’ll be smoking your weed by the big green pile. Smokin’, Smokin Weed. Smokin’, Smokin Weed. Give it to me baby! Suck the bong, suck the bong, roll that spleef, to pass along. Gotta suck the bong, suck the bong, roll that spleef, to pass along. Suck the bong Give it to me baby! Kickin’ it in the Cali sun. Smokin’ grape blunts till the day is done. Got nothing, need nothing, but a little fun, And a green nuggy-nug for everyone. Got a nuggy nug here, a nuggy nug there, A big damn nuggy with purple hairs. Gonna roll it up, smoke it up, Don’t get high till you choke it up. Gonna roll it up, smoke it up, You don’t get high till you choke it up. Smokin’, Smokin Weed.
I've got a monkey, a monkey on my back. I've got a monkey and he wants a little snack. Monkey like the cocaine, monkey like the speed. Monkey like the heroin, monkey like the weed. Monkey like the whiskey, he like the girlies too. The monkey likes me and the monkey likes you.
Road Rage 02:41
Road Rage is on The Street! It's a stop sign, honey, not the friggin' Taj Mahal!!
I am Industrial Man, and I like to boogie. In this industrial land, who likes to boogie? I am the future, I am here now I give you programming for your sacred cow. I give you machinery to make you strong. I take your greenery, I take ‘til it’s gone. I build your mansions, I build your dreams I build your sorrows, with synthesized screams. I shall manufacture all of your wishes Turn off your mind to plug into my system, For I am Industrial Man, and I like to boogie. In this industrial land, who likes to boogie? I like to boogie out on the dance floor To oogie and woogie, and oogie some more The beat it is one, the beat it is none A binary pulse that’s coded for fun You’ll all dance together, you’ll all dance alone You’ll trance to my vision as lifeless as stone Assembly line disco, each one in your places The factory’s ready to download your new faces


The one und only "GERMAN SPARKLE PARTY"
Und BOYS NITE IN as featured in the NBC comedy The New Normal.

Ze Berlin Gazette raves, "It is over seven times better than anything I have ever heard before."
Believe it.
Hip Hop, Club, R&B, Disco: it is all within.
High Command loves you.
Everywhere. Everything.

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released July 4, 2009

Lyrics and music by D. VonHeimensmashen/Dr. Leibe Dich Spankenhaus

Beautiful, simply beautiful!!


all rights reserved



The Something Experience San Francisco

humanity and machine. we like to party.
HIGH COMMANDER- leader of Party
THE SPARKLE GIRLS: Helga, Fista, und Sphinkta
DJ 98 BLITZ- vocals, whisky
GRETTA VAGIN- vocals, sex
SRI SWAMI DEEPKOK CHOKYA - guru, special weaponry
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